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IMG_9135   On me: overalls: Gap (old but these are similar), sweater: J.Crew, sandals: Birkenstocks On H: top and pants: Tea Collection (both are similar pieces – I usually pick up his things at end of season sales so he’s wearing styles from last year), shoes: See Kai Run

The New Quesadilla


I’ve looked at this Strawberry Leek Quesadilla Recipe in my Sprouted Kitchen cookbook before and thought it seemed a bit strange but for some reason, it sounded just right last week so we gave it a try. Not only did I love it, but I’ve been making riffs of it every other day since. H, despite not being a big cheese fan, loves it too.

Why is this quesadilla so awesome?

First, the brown rice tortilla. I would have skipped it if I hadn’t read the side note that insisted I give it a try for the crisp factor. She was so right. They crisp up in the most wonderful way and taste lighter than a regular flour tortilla which I loved. And now that I’m not concerned about them tasting subpar, I’m so excited to have an alternative to flour. For myself, I could care less about gluten-free but given that H eats lots of carbs and I strive for variety in his diet, it’s great to have a new option.

Second, another healthy thing, coconut oil. Coconut oil is supposed to be great for you and I don’t use it enough. It makes a great marriage with the brown rice tortilla and I get to pat myself on the back for again, variety, and healthy eating.

Third, more than one cheese! This is an important “trick” for cooking anything cheese related. When you blend different types of cheese with different flavor profiles like melty and mild (the mozzarella) with tangy and flavorful (the goat cheese), you take the deliciousness to a whole new level. Using just goat cheese would be too strong and it just doesn’t melt as well. It’s fun to try a salty cheese like romano mixed with something creamy too.

Finally, fruit! More than fruit, it’s just fun to get away from traditional flavors. I have been making our own versions — grated apples and aged cheddar with mustard, sauteed pears with spinach and caramelized onions… it’s fun and different and I think the brown rice tortillas help round out the non traditional thing. And of course for all kid cooking, this is one of those great recipes where you can sneak in the veggies.

We’re going to keep experimenting!

Thank you to Sprouted Kitchen for the inspiration… check out her blog and her cookbook. They’re both lovely and full of recipes that I love.

Lunch at the Sandbox


My friend Jenny and I met for lunch with our boys at a place I can only describe as a Mommy Fantasy. Bumble in Los Altos has a gorgeous outdoor patio with a giant sandbox, a giant fish tank, kiddie bento boxes (adorable and hello! healthy, real kids food), special mason jars with straws, and even a playroom where the kiddos can be dropped off so mom can eat in peace. I mean… I wasn’t quite sure where I was for a minute. I’m also wondering why this type of place isn’t on every street corner. If I lived closer, I’d eat here all the time. The food was fresh and delicious and having my kid entertained while I eat, priceless.

I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses (uh, sweatshirt and cute) and my “mom heels.” Sometimes it’s nice to get a little height and polish without your feet hurting! Also, H took a huge tumble just after this pic was taken. I thought the picture was going to be a blur of him going down and me with a shocked/concerned/oops maybe I should have been watching him closer look on my face.

My dress: Madewell, Sandals: Hasbeens, Shades: Chanel




This is my cute friend Jenny. She’s due in a month and looking adorable. We had to have a conversation about how she and her boy are both in navy and white stripes — she did it on purpose, I frequently do it by accident. She looks very chic with simple classic denim and stripes and fun neon pink shoes. Did you notice our awesome sandbox accessories? Jenny was raving about her tee and suggested I go out and buy a pile cause it’s soft and fits well.

Jenny’s tee: Gap Maternity


Sunny Days


Now that we’re getting into fall and the rest of you are starting to make cozy dinner and wear sweaters and scarves again, we’re experiencing the start of summer in San Francisco. You always have to wait until September for the fog to lift and then, after months of complaining, we usually get more heat and sunshine that we can handle. This is a just deal and run around town outfit. I felt like such a schlump (though you should have seen me coming out of the lab with bandages on both arms cause they were having trouble drawing blood for my checkup: Have you had any water today?) but Jennie said I looked cute so I smiled. It was too hot out.

Bandana: vintage Paul Smith, Tee: Mollusk for Madewell (similar), Pants: Athleta (try these or these), Sandals: Birkenstocks

Things you never knew you’d do…



My friend Barb is a diaper changing magician. I’ve snapped her changing her son’s diaper on the go more than once because it’s always on the move and totally amusing/inappropriate. Here she is dealing with one at the coffee shop while Mudslide lends support.

What do you think? Controversial? Do you do the standing diaper change? In public?

Out and About


My husband and I got to escape for a night last month and go to my cousin’s wedding in Providence, Rhode Island. I’m not sure what the best part was — the peaceful train ride up from Boston when I read magazines uninterrupted (!!!!!), dancing for hours, or sleeping in the next morning. It was so relaxing to have a little time away from the little man.

The skirt I’m wearing has been a summer staple. It’s a genius design by Emerson Fry — cool looking little pull tabs at the adjust so you can wear it as a mini or a little lower on your hips. It’s great for accommodating an early baby bump too. Or a really big meal. I’ve dressed it up with floral heels and a sexy white top for a rehearsal dinner, worn it with flip flops and chambray to a friend’s BBQ — I can’t get enough of pieces that are this versatile.

Jacket: Madewell, Tee: Madewell, Skirt: Emerson Fry (sorry! all sold out but I’ll let you know if they do a version for fall), Sandals: Birkenstock, Bag: Mulberry

Fashion Week. Fashion What?

From | Photography by Bryan Derballa

From | Photography by Bryan Derballa

I used to care about fashion week. I used to watch hundreds of designers online — reading the runway reviews, watching their shows, saving photos (ha ha in a time before Pinterest) by trend — Black!, Goth! Romantic! Prints!. Now, the only thing I really get jazzed up about is the J.Crew presentation cause I’m an addict (they have me right where they want me).

If you’re not super into fashion and you haven’t working in fashion, you probably couldn’t care less about Fashion Week. It happens twice a year with back to back weeks in New York, Paris, London, and Milan. All the big name designers present their collections (Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter) on the runway and a lot of smaller designers do presentations too. I think the coolest thing about Fashion Week is all the interesting design and media going on around these presentations. Some designers have elaborate sets, great music from hot or emerging bands and DJs. All sorts of theatrical bells and whistles.

There’s a ton of interesting coverage too. Another blogger, Sarah at Note to Self wrote a great wrap up about all the cool online coverage from last week’s shows. I love the NYTimes “Fashion Fingerprints” and the Model Metamorphosis.

Garance Doré photographer, blogger, and super cool-chic Parisienne also chronicles her take on Fashion Week going to shows, checking out gorgeous and cool people/outfits on the street, etc.

Finally, this post by NYC Taught Me cracked me up.

Winter Is Coming


Ebay has been my best friend lately. We are going back east for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and H is going to need winter clothes. Of course you never know what you’re going to get weather wise and even if it were a blizzard, he’s only going to wear these things a handful of days. So I started poking around Ebay looking for boots in his size, Patagonia, snow bibs, etc. I scored these previously loved Timberlands for $12, a pair of insulated snow boots for $8 and two pairs of Patagonia winter pants for $30. I’m pretty pumped. Yes, if I’d gone after some non brand styles, I could have done even better but the fashion girl in me couldn’t resist. Plus I’d rather get great quality that we can pass along to future siblings and cousins. Let’s hope we see some snow!

Weekend Warrior



We have been landscaping our backyard for what feels like six years but is actually six months. My husband is the warrior — he’s been doing it all himself. Things are finally coming together however and the other weekend we got the plants in. What am I wearing? That was the best I could do as he rushed us out the door to Lowes for supplies. H LOVED that truck shopping cart. Endless entertainment. The Halloween display, not so much.

Tee: Madewell, Sweats: Athleta (similar), Shoes: New Balance

If you want the hat, you’ll have to make the trip to the Crystal Bar in Bozeman, Montana.

Super Super


Now that our garden re-do is almost finished, we can finally let H play out there again without it being a total disaster. He loves dirt and rocks more than anything and it’s kind of remarkable how long we can keep him going with little projects like moving rocks from point A to point B.

I got these simple white sneakers at the beginning of the summer and they’ve been my daily go to. Way cuter than big hefty sneakers, easy with any outfit, and they fit my orthodics. That’s right, I just said orthodics. I had some foot pain (that actually started a couple of years ago after a night spent wearing heels to a Christmas party and marching up and down the hills of San Francisco looking for a cab home) that never went away after pregnancy so I finally went to the doctor. They are making a big difference though I can’t stop thinking how annoyingly expensive they were (new pair of Loeffler Randalls vs. Orthodics… hmm…). That and now that my feet have gotten used to them, if I wear flats without them, my feet scream for arch support. So I’ve become one of those people who says they can’t wear flat shoes. Or heels. Apparently it’s just sneakers.

Sneakers: Superga