Jane’s Carousel | Brooklyn


We spent a few days last month in Brooklyn visiting my brother, his wife, and their two kids. The highlight for me was seeing the little cousins together (they had a blast even though Houlton (my guy) mostly chattered in baby talk with my brother’s oldest). The highlight for H was definitely playing with his cousin and getting to go through the massive toy collection at my brother’s apartment. The highlight for my nephew is the usual daily, weekly, monthly highlight: Jane’s Carousel. It’s definitely a special one and the glass structure enveloping it is an awesome design. I can’t wait to see it in the winter when we visit this Thanksgiving.

The dress I’m wearing is from a couple of seasons ago and it’s still a staple for me. A nice heavy weight stretch cotton that holds it’s shape pretty well and helps keep me from looking completely wilted on humid east coast summer days.  It dresses up fairly well in a pinch and it’s machine washable which seems to be all I care about these days. I am also eternally grateful that wearing sneakers with shorts and dresses is fashionable right now.

Dress: JCrew, Shades: Ray Ban, Sneakers: Superga

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