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Now that our garden re-do is almost finished, we can finally let H play out there again without it being a total disaster. He loves dirt and rocks more than anything and it’s kind of remarkable how long we can keep him going with little projects like moving rocks from point A to point B.

I got these simple white sneakers at the beginning of the summer and they’ve been my daily go to. Way cuter than big hefty sneakers, easy with any outfit, and they fit my orthodics. That’s right, I just said orthodics. I had some foot pain (that actually started a couple of years ago after a night spent wearing heels to a Christmas party and marching up and down the hills of San Francisco looking for a cab home) that never went away after pregnancy so I finally went to the doctor. They are making a big difference though I can’t stop thinking how annoyingly expensive they were (new pair of Loeffler Randalls vs. Orthodics… hmm…). That and now that my feet have gotten used to them, if I wear flats without them, my feet scream for arch support. So I’ve become one of those people who says they can’t wear flat shoes. Or heels. Apparently it’s just sneakers.

Sneakers: Superga

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