Fashion Week. Fashion What?

From | Photography by Bryan Derballa

From | Photography by Bryan Derballa

I used to care about fashion week. I used to watch hundreds of designers online — reading the runway reviews, watching their shows, saving photos (ha ha in a time before Pinterest) by trend — Black!, Goth! Romantic! Prints!. Now, the only thing I really get jazzed up about is the J.Crew presentation cause I’m an addict (they have me right where they want me).

If you’re not super into fashion and you haven’t working in fashion, you probably couldn’t care less about Fashion Week. It happens twice a year with back to back weeks in New York, Paris, London, and Milan. All the big name designers present their collections (Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter) on the runway and a lot of smaller designers do presentations too. I think the coolest thing about Fashion Week is all the interesting design and media going on around these presentations. Some designers have elaborate sets, great music from hot or emerging bands and DJs. All sorts of theatrical bells and whistles.

There’s a ton of interesting coverage too. Another blogger, Sarah at Note to Self wrote a great wrap up about all the cool online coverage from last week’s shows. I love the NYTimes “Fashion Fingerprints” and the Model Metamorphosis.

Garance Doré photographer, blogger, and super cool-chic Parisienne also chronicles her take on Fashion Week going to shows, checking out gorgeous and cool people/outfits on the street, etc.

Finally, this post by NYC Taught Me cracked me up.

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