So this happened…

IMG_0570 I got a little distracted last year. We were thrilled to become pregnant last summer and while it could have resulted in a nice series of blog posts on maternity fashion, I was too overwhelmed with the bump and the toddler to move ahead with blogging. That and in classic “mom brain” fashion, I couldn’t figure out how to make some changes to the blog visually and became frustrated trying to do it in the five minute free time segments that being a mom allows. So the little bump became a big bump and the big bump became our precious little boy Chester. He was born in early March and we’ve had a wonderful time welcoming him to our family. Wonderful and challenging of course! Now at the four month mark, I’m finally feeling ready to get the blog back up and running. I’m thinking I want to move forward with posts that feel relevant to me now, but I’ll try to do a little catch up on maternity fashion. I’ve got several friends expecting this fall so perhaps they can make an appearance here. IMG_0899 In the meantime, here’s a visual of the past year and a few things you missed…

One thought on “So this happened…

  1. Blessing comes in the most beautiful, fun, unforgettable way. You have an amazing family!

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