Wedding Wedges


We still get invited to quite a few summer weddings and while we still love going just as much as we always have, a few things have changed. First, the logistics of attending is way more complicated. We just had our first wedding with two kids and figuring out how to get there, where to stay, and who to have watch our two boys felt ten times more complicated than traveling with one kid the summer before. I don’t spend hours getting dressed anymore (in fact sometimes I don’t even shave my legs – gasp!) and waking up Sunday morning after a great wedding still involves feeling exhausted but now it’s because someone is waking me up at 5am, not because I drank too much champagne and was out dancing until sunrise.

Finally, a wedding post-kids no longer means heels for me. The decision to forego high heels was partially one of defeat — since I don’t wear them very often any more, it’s that much more painful to spend the evening in heels. But it’s also my smartest party move yet. So many summer weddings are partially or entirely outdoors on the grass. With wedges, I’m done with teetering around, sinking in every so often, and wondering if I look like a wounded flamingo. Not to mention I’m a lot more stable on the dance floor later in the evening.

I have two pairs of wedges now that I just adore. The gold ones were bought last summer when I needed something to go with my bridesmaid dress. Loeffler Randall does a few pairs of wedges every season, they’re never too high (but just high enough) and always super cool. I love wearing them for more casual nights out — they add a little sparkle to an otherwise casual date night ensemble.

The black ones I picked up recently at J.Crew when I realized I didn’t have a nice black sandal in my wardrobe. They’re kind of amazing. So comfortable with a low heel height that means you can wear them just as easily with jeans/shorts/skirts as you can with party dresses. Perfect if you plan to be carrying a toddler around at the big event too. They’re chic and elegant and oh so easy. I’m apparently not the only one who feels this way — J.Crew has offered them for more than one season in many different colors and materials. Take a play from my sister-in-law’s book and grab a second pair on sale (which you can do right now).


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  1. […] now but it’s also the genius of the cuts. I wore my Slouch Dress to a wedding this spring with gold wedges and gold jewelry and I’m waiting for cooler weather when I can pair my Pull Over top with […]

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