Can it possibly be fall already?

What am I doing this morning? Spending WAY too much time checking out the new “autumn” arrivals at Boden. There’s so much cuteness!


Photos from Boden: (From left to right — blazer, rain coat, dress)


These would make great mom-fits (mom outfits!) don’t you think? I love the layers and the fun prints – super cheerful for gray days this fall.

As anyone who’s ever received their catalog will say, they make adorable kids clothes. I’ve loved the things Houlton’s had in the past couple of years and the quality is nice enough that Chester will be wearing his hand-me-downs. For some reason, before I had kids I was always a little reluctant to try the women’s things even though I often admired them. Once I stopped working in an office every day, I realized that cute, machine washable clothing is hard to find. Enter Boden. So many of their things are machine wash (often hang dry but you can’t have it all) including sweaters, blouses, and dresses.

This fall I’m looking for easy but interesting tops — the kind of thing that makes a quick, cute outfit with jeans or cords. In my cart? This, this, and this (dog motif, duh). And since I’ve officially become an Anglophile, I’m debating on which of their London lovelies to add to my closet (like this soldier sweater).

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One thought on “Can it possibly be fall already?

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