Moms Put On That Swimsuit

Kukio-017 _1110047 There’s been a lot of healthy exhibitionism on the internet this summer (see this and this) and I think it’s about time. This post “Moms, Put on That Swimsuit” (by Jessica N. Turner) about wearing her swimsuit anyways despite the usual body insecurities resonated with me the most.

“Your swimsuit does not define you.”

Doesn’t that feel nice to say? Four months post pregnancy, I’m actually feeling pretty good about myself but I haven’t lost all the weight yet and I’m certainly not devoid of swimsuit insecurities, skinny or not. Since I’m breastfeeding, I’ve sized out of many swimwear brands and have a hard time finding things that fit much less flatter (at some point perhaps I shall devote a whole post to the frustrating world that the DD+ inhabit).

For our trip to Hawaii, I had three options and none of them were perfect. None of them fit right, one of them I wouldn’t have chosen style-wise if I wasn’t desperate. Two were from the summer after my first pregnancy and the new option I bought hoping to feel a little sexier and chicer was really no better (I’m still trying to figure out which Ursula I looked like — hot or not).

“You are a mother. You are beautiful.”

It would have been easy to focus on the unattractive wrinkles in my suit, the absurd cleavage, or the fact that I wasn’t out there in a bikini. But I had Ms. Turner’s words on my mind — her message couldn’t be more appropriate — I’m proud of what my body has accomplished in the past few years (i.e. two pregnancies (and thankfully two healthy little boys), hauling babies up and down the stairs 50x per day, pushing pushing pushing that stroller up the hills of San Francisco) and most importantly, I’m out there to have fun with my toddler in the water, to build sandcastles, splash, swim, and explore.

We had a blast.

Red Tankini (same suit, different color), Freya (they make great suits for larger busted ladies. Real support).

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