These Cookies are Good.


Once Houlton is down for his nap (assuming he takes one!), I’ve taken to having a little post lunch espresso. I usually pair this with a square of dark chocolate. And then, while I’m drinking and nibbling, I let myself do whatever I want for a few minutes (often wandering around the internet — my husband would add: looking at shoes!). It’s a nice little time-out before I start hustling to tackle all the things on my nap time to do list.

Yesterday we were out of chocolate so I reached for the only other chocolate in the cupboard. I try not to get Houlton processed foods/junk food/etc. however on a recent shopping trip I caved to the incessant requests from the cart (mama! i want dat! mama!) and let him put “the fox one” in the cart. Umm, kid marketing is AMAZING. Before he could talk, he could identify the packaged crap I didn’t want to feed him on a grocery store shelf. Paper towel aisle, whatever. Cracker+cookie aisle, freak out.

Anyways, this may be kid food but this is not kid food. They’re very chocolaty, delicious and not too sweet. I want to call them sophisticated. I mean, I suppose foxes are sophisticated? If they were squares instead of animal shapes, they’d be served on little china plates and  everyone would be savoring them after lunch. Lucky for me, they’re animals as I’m not sharing.


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