A few more vacation pictures…

Kukio-052 _1110148

It’s a foggy San Francisco morning and I for one can use a little sunshine today. Perhaps you can too. Here are a few more pictures from our recent trip to Hawaii. It’s such an amazing place — so much gorgeous color! The air smells incredible, the warm breeze… ahh… take me back! Traveling with kids is never easy, even in paradise. We had the grandparents with us and we were all pretty busy taking care of the two boys. But when childcare means swimming in the ocean and the kiddie meal happens outside at sunset, you really can’t complain.

I’ve skimped a little on outfit credits as it’s mostly older things but leave a comment if you have any questions!

In beach related style — check out this slideshow on Refinery 29. It’s real women on the beach and they got some great shots. The women are a) wearing cool, inspirational outfits, b) from places you and i shop and c) look like healthy gorgeous normal women. No super models in sight. I love the mix and match suits.

Click on the images below for a pop up tropical slideshow.

One thought on “A few more vacation pictures…

  1. alexnguyen says:

    Yea, the weather has been funky lately. Great pics!
    -Alex of http://snippetswithalex.com
    {now hosting a giveaway..check it out!}

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