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Dress and Blazer by Zara — bought a bigger size than usual in the dress.


I wanted to share a few pictures and a mini interview with my sister-in-law Caitlin. She lives in Boston and is expecting a baby boy in November — her first. Caitlin is one of those women who always looks amazing — stylish and relaxed whether she’s dressed for a wedding in a 70s-inspired gown or hanging out on a sleepy Sunday in cutoffs and a plain tank. She’s great at spotting the best pieces from Zara, H&M, and Asos – stores I often find overwhelming since there’s so much to choose from.

Needless to say, her maternity style hasn’t missed a beat. She’s made some smart shopping decisions too — seeking out non-maternity shift dresses that have enough room for her growing bump (especially when she sizes up) or having dresses tailored a touch to flatter her new figure like she did with the sweet polka dot dress below.

See what she has to say below.



I like this dress (from Holiday in Boston) bc I can wear it to work and for play.                                                                             It also reminds me of Kate Middleton when she left the hospital 🙂



What’s been your best maternity buy?

J.Crew Maternity Toothpick Jeans


What types of clothes have you been most comfortable in?
Loose fitting dresses… I’m scared for the fall when it’s too cold to wear them and I’m huge!
What things can you not stand to wear right now?
Shoes that aren’t comfortable and don’t have any support.
How do you keep cool in the heat?
I love the heat! But I keep cool by eating as much ice cream as possible and dragging my husband to the beach on the weekends.
Any cravings?
Early on all I wanted was grilled cheese and pizza but now I have fewer cravings.
I guess mostly I just want to eat ice cream all the time.

Dress from Nordstrom (Juniors!)

What are your favorite shops in Boston – maternity or otherwise?
  • Pea in the Pod on Newbury Street
  • Zara – not maternity specific but I’ve bought a lot of dresses & shirts that can work as maternity & after the baby is born
  • Holiday – also not maternity but a boutique on Charles Street in Beacon Hill – love the vintage style and their jewelry
  • Asos maternity – love that it’s affordable and they’ve got a lot of cute stuff
What’s the most surprising thing about being pregnant?
How strange but wonderful it is when you start to feel the baby moving around.
What’s on your maternity wish list?
Anything from Hatch!
IMG_8283 copy
Thanks Caitlin!
P.S. This Dressing the Bump series by Oh Joy is great for maternity ideas too. I love how she mixes fun colors and prints.

Cute expectant family!

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