Morning Hike



Oh Saturday morning… “let’s get out for a hike early!” so we’re parking the car at the “trail head” at 11 and I’m still thinking about all the things at home that need to be done — laundry, piles of stuff that never get addressed, vacuuming before our friend comes this evening. Five minutes of warm sunshine and walking through a peaceful eucalyptus grove and it’s all forgotten. Even though it takes so much energy and stress to get out of the house these days and our outings are often cut short by our slowness getting started, it’s always worth it to get outside.




My husband and I both wore our New Balance Sneakers. Dorky matching couple shoes! Now we just need to get them for the boys and we’ll be all set. They are super comfortable.

I’m also sporting my dad’s vintage Reyn Spooner swim trunks (yes they’re corduroy) from the 70s and a cheesy Bernese Mountain Dog baseball tee. Love me my baseball tees — the raglan sleeves are so flattering and I love a 3/4 sleeve.  This outfit classifies as outdoorky no?







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