Chester and I made a quick weekend trip to the midwest to visit my almost 96 year old grandmother and see my brother and his family.

His introduction to my grandmother was rather magical. She cannot see well or hear well and she’s very fragile. Chester nuzzled into her face as if he knew exactly what he should do. They had the sweetest connection.




St. Louis is so beautiful — I’m thinking they must have the prettiest neighborhoods in the country. It’s obviously a lovely time of year to visit with fall just getting started.






Aside from lovely walks down tree-lined streets (oohing and aahing at the gorgeous brick homes), we had a blast with my nephews. Even though Ches is too young to get involved, he was so excited to see them. We will all be together for the holidays and I know these four little boy cousins are going to have a blast together. I also enjoyed traveling without a toddler and a delicious steak dinner out.

How was your weekend?



My sister-in-law has a great sense of style. I loved how she threw a leather jacket over a simple sweatshirt dress (from Zara) and leggings. Comfortable and super cute.



P.S. This happened. Don’t tell anyone.


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