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Reality Check



IMG_1053I have an alter ego. When I’m having a particularly “mom jeans” day — you know one of those days where you’re covered in kid goo, pushing the stroller of screaming children uphill (both ways!) and can’t remember my last shower — i think about her. She splits her time between London and Italy. She has a high powered job that doesn’t require her to work that hard. She has a gorgeous, shiny apartment full of glass, breakable objects, and white suede couches. Her closet is to die for. She always looks amazing… And uh, no kids, no husband! Just gallery openings, sipping Negronis in outdoor cafes, and parties with friends for that girl.


Judge me if you wish, but I actually find this fantasy to be an entertaining bit of therapy some days (c’mon it’s no worse than being a little too caught up in a romantic comedy and don’t tell me you haven’t been there). I’m never going to be going about my day in stilettos and the latest runway designer fashion but dreaming about it does the trick.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about other ways to trick myself when it comes to fashion. Again, reality check, there’s a lot of beautiful clothes out there that just don’t make sense for the lifestyle of a toddler mom. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my latest fashion obsessions.

fringe boots

When it comes to  fringe for example, there’s a lot of fringe to be found. I love these Aquazzura boots. They’re amazing right? My alter ego is wearing them on the private jet to Gstaad. Those boots have no place in my life. These Sam Edelman ones however are a lot easier to run around in, they work with (mom) jeans, and they don’t have an overly precious price tag that would prevent me from taking them to the playground.


Ulla Johnson is a designer I look forward to each season and one who has yet to find a hanger in my closet. Her clothes are so pretty and evoke a carefree, designer hippie vibe that I love. This dress would be so pretty for fall — an evening perched at the bar in some hipster restaurant. Alas, I really don’t need another expensive dress that I only wear on nights out. The same color paired with some metal accents is another story. A cozy burgundy sweater or even a simple tee with some gold earrings or a necklace (love Madewell’s budget and kid friendly options) is a look I can pull off every day. The jumpsuit isn’t the same investment as the dress and would be a killer evening look with earrings and heels. Or daytime with boots and a cozy cardigan.


I’m not a huge fan of knock offs and fast fashion (someday I’ll write a post on that) but occasionally I’ll find a piece I can’t resist. The original Isabel Marant sweater is amazing and not something anyone wants to wear around sticky hands. This Topshop knockoff allows you to wear the look and not worry about what your day/child throws at it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.10.58 AM.png

Flats people! I love wearing heels. It’s such an easy way to feel polished and chic and womanly. It’s also an easy way to feel overdressed, uncomfortable, or… slow. Even when I’m just going out with my husband, we’re so often walking places or I’m standing at a cocktail party. Or it’s a family friendly holiday party and I end up with a baby on my hip all evening. You don’t regret flats. Especially if they’re sparkly and gorgeous and fun. You can wear them with jeans and a sweater on Christmas morning or to a fancy wedding. Regardless, you’re guaranteed to feel festive and comfortable and smart.


Clockwise from the pom-poms: Topshop velvet pompom,  JCrew snow leopard,  Loeffler Randall blue snakeskin,  Chiara Ferragni Winking FlatsSophia Webster butterfly,  Loeffler Randall Leopard Lace UpsJCrew tartanNordstrom glitter mary janeBoden embellished velvet (image from Instagram).


My final word of advice. Get a new scarf. Am I the only one who wants a new scarf every fall? Scarves are such a simple way to feel fresh and current and every year I find one that feels exactly right. I throw it on with everything and anything and feel pulled together and cool and whatever else I need to feel that day. And the great thing about scarves is there are so many to choose from. Whether you’re after a fresh tartan, a touch of fur, some more fringe and boho, there’s a scarf out there for it.

Top row: Modcloth Chunky Knit, Block Shop Printed, Eribe Fair Isle. Second row:JCrew Buffalo Check, Matta Pom-Pom Trim, Zara Faux Fur Third row: Boden Giant Pom-pom, Zara Plaid, JCrew Bright Tartan