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A few more vacation pictures…

Kukio-052 _1110148

It’s a foggy San Francisco morning and I for one can use a little sunshine today. Perhaps you can too. Here are a few more pictures from our recent trip to Hawaii. It’s such an amazing place — so much gorgeous color! The air smells incredible, the warm breeze… ahh… take me back! Traveling with kids is never easy, even in paradise. We had the grandparents with us and we were all pretty busy taking care of the two boys. But when childcare means swimming in the ocean and the kiddie meal happens outside at sunset, you really can’t complain.

I’ve skimped a little on outfit credits as it’s mostly older things but leave a comment if you have any questions!

In beach related style — check out this slideshow on Refinery 29. It’s real women on the beach and they got some great shots. The women are a) wearing cool, inspirational outfits, b) from places you and i shop and c) look like healthy gorgeous normal women. No super models in sight. I love the mix and match suits.

Click on the images below for a pop up tropical slideshow.


These Cookies are Good.


Once Houlton is down for his nap (assuming he takes one!), I’ve taken to having a little post lunch espresso. I usually pair this with a square of dark chocolate. And then, while I’m drinking and nibbling, I let myself do whatever I want for a few minutes (often wandering around the internet — my husband would add: looking at shoes!). It’s a nice little time-out before I start hustling to tackle all the things on my nap time to do list.

Yesterday we were out of chocolate so I reached for the only other chocolate in the cupboard. I try not to get Houlton processed foods/junk food/etc. however on a recent shopping trip I caved to the incessant requests from the cart (mama! i want dat! mama!) and let him put “the fox one” in the cart. Umm, kid marketing is AMAZING. Before he could talk, he could identify the packaged crap I didn’t want to feed him on a grocery store shelf. Paper towel aisle, whatever. Cracker+cookie aisle, freak out.

Anyways, this may be kid food but this is not kid food. They’re very chocolaty, delicious and not too sweet. I want to call them sophisticated. I mean, I suppose foxes are sophisticated? If they were squares instead of animal shapes, they’d be served on little china plates and  everyone would be savoring them after lunch. Lucky for me, they’re animals as I’m not sharing.


Huff and Puff


Another day, another huff and puff up the hill. Since swearing is a thing of the past, I’ve taken to using some of Thomas the Train’s brilliant expressions — Fizzling fireboxes! These boys are heavy!

P.S. Speaking of Thomas and expressions, isn’t this interesting?

Top: J.Crew, Pants: Anthropologie (old but similar here or here), Sneakers: Superga

So this happened…

IMG_0570 I got a little distracted last year. We were thrilled to become pregnant last summer and while it could have resulted in a nice series of blog posts on maternity fashion, I was too overwhelmed with the bump and the toddler to move ahead with blogging. That and in classic “mom brain” fashion, I couldn’t figure out how to make some changes to the blog visually and became frustrated trying to do it in the five minute free time segments that being a mom allows. So the little bump became a big bump and the big bump became our precious little boy Chester. He was born in early March and we’ve had a wonderful time welcoming him to our family. Wonderful and challenging of course! Now at the four month mark, I’m finally feeling ready to get the blog back up and running. I’m thinking I want to move forward with posts that feel relevant to me now, but I’ll try to do a little catch up on maternity fashion. I’ve got several friends expecting this fall so perhaps they can make an appearance here. IMG_0899 In the meantime, here’s a visual of the past year and a few things you missed…

Lunch at the Sandbox


My friend Jenny and I met for lunch with our boys at a place I can only describe as a Mommy Fantasy. Bumble in Los Altos has a gorgeous outdoor patio with a giant sandbox, a giant fish tank, kiddie bento boxes (adorable and hello! healthy, real kids food), special mason jars with straws, and even a playroom where the kiddos can be dropped off so mom can eat in peace. I mean… I wasn’t quite sure where I was for a minute. I’m also wondering why this type of place isn’t on every street corner. If I lived closer, I’d eat here all the time. The food was fresh and delicious and having my kid entertained while I eat, priceless.

I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses (uh, sweatshirt and cute) and my “mom heels.” Sometimes it’s nice to get a little height and polish without your feet hurting! Also, H took a huge tumble just after this pic was taken. I thought the picture was going to be a blur of him going down and me with a shocked/concerned/oops maybe I should have been watching him closer look on my face.

My dress: Madewell, Sandals: Hasbeens, Shades: Chanel




This is my cute friend Jenny. She’s due in a month and looking adorable. We had to have a conversation about how she and her boy are both in navy and white stripes — she did it on purpose, I frequently do it by accident. She looks very chic with simple classic denim and stripes and fun neon pink shoes. Did you notice our awesome sandbox accessories? Jenny was raving about her tee and suggested I go out and buy a pile cause it’s soft and fits well.

Jenny’s tee: Gap Maternity


Things you never knew you’d do…



My friend Barb is a diaper changing magician. I’ve snapped her changing her son’s diaper on the go more than once because it’s always on the move and totally amusing/inappropriate. Here she is dealing with one at the coffee shop while Mudslide lends support.

What do you think? Controversial? Do you do the standing diaper change? In public?

Winter Is Coming


Ebay has been my best friend lately. We are going back east for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and H is going to need winter clothes. Of course you never know what you’re going to get weather wise and even if it were a blizzard, he’s only going to wear these things a handful of days. So I started poking around Ebay looking for boots in his size, Patagonia, snow bibs, etc. I scored these previously loved Timberlands for $12, a pair of insulated snow boots for $8 and two pairs of Patagonia winter pants for $30. I’m pretty pumped. Yes, if I’d gone after some non brand styles, I could have done even better but the fashion girl in me couldn’t resist. Plus I’d rather get great quality that we can pass along to future siblings and cousins. Let’s hope we see some snow!