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Sweat Style {Part 2: Like a Sweater}


Got a new sweatshirt yet? Before I keep going with this whole sweats trend thing, let me go on record by saying it’s perfectly cool to just wear your sweatshirt with jeans or whatever. Some days it’s best to keep things simple right?

Part two here is pretty simple as well. Imagine your sweatshirt is a sweater. Get dressed accordingly. My favorite is the button down under the sweatshirt. It just looks fresh and elevates the sweatshirt a bit while still keeping things casual.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 1.06.53 PM

I mean how cute is this Spanish blogger in her quilted sweatshirt?

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 12.55.43 PM

This image has been all over my Pinterest feed. A simple black gingham shirt is on my wish list but any printed shirt (stripe, floral, plaid, polka!) as long as the sweatshirt on top doesn’t get too busy.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 12.12.27 PM

Along the lines of Part 1, a skirt is a great option and some combinations might even be office worthy. I think a plain sweatshirt would look super cute with a big necklace. Maybe some heels with that for a night out? This image is J.Crew.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 12.48.04 PM

The print mix here makes this ensemble particularly adorable but any sweatshirt would look great under a blazer. A cozy fall look with boots and a scarf too.

As we really start to get into fall (at least according to the calendar — we’ve had a heat wave this weekend in San Francisco!), I’ve noticed lots of cute new arrivals in the sweatshirt department. Like this one. Also, apparently, Meryl Streep wore a sweatshirt to a red carpet event. So we’re really on to something here!

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Hatch Collection Fall 2014


I adore Hatch Collection. I mean look at those women! How cute are they? Their Fall 2014 collection just launched and I’m in love with the new plaids, the soft pink and “mocha” colors, and as always, the styling is killer. If you aren’t shopping Hatch, you should still take a look at how they put the outfits together — the accessories they choose, the way they layer, it’s all fantastic. I love the semi-sheer tights, the aviators, and the classic loafers.

My first pregnancy, I bought some good maternity basics — great jeans, solid tees in lasting colors, a black maxi dress that worked for different occasions. I also ended up getting some styles that are pretty standard in the maternity world — tops with empire waists and ties in the back, wrap dresses, body-conscious ruching everywhere — that I would never, ever wear in real life. I wore them but by the time I gave birth I was ready to burn some of those things!

With my second pregnancy, I already had my staple wardrobe so I was able to justify having a little more fun with shopping and splurging on a few new things that I loved. I was done wearing things that weren’t my style. I’m just not one to wear clingy stuff without a bump so tight, stretchy clothes had no appeal to me. Enter Hatch. The fabrics are lovely, the shapes are darling and flattering (not the “sack” look you think they’d be), and they’re actually practical — lots of machine washable fabrics (including that silk looking stuff) and styles that travel from the playground to the office to cocktail parties.

They are also actually, truly, no kidding, maternity clothes you can wear when you’re not pregnant. Some of that comes from the fact that soft drapey layers are fashionable right now but it’s also the genius of the cuts. I wore my Slouch Dress to a wedding this spring with gold wedges and gold jewelry and I’m waiting for cooler weather when I can pair my Pull Over top with skinny jeans and boots. I may even add to my collection with something to wear now knowing that it’s an investment for my maternity wardrobe too. Their pieces are perfect for stylish moms given that you can really run around in the clothes, dress them up or down, and wash them at home.

What should you get? My recommendation is something “special” but also highly wearable. A simple dress (like the Mercer or the Darling) that can be worn casual or fancy around the holidays for instance. If you’re office bound during your pregnancy, you’ll be so happy to have utterly comfortable and professional pants or a top you can wear any day of the week.

Feeling super chic? Jumpsuit.

The ultimate wish list? Cashmere Joggers. That would be cashmere sweat pants. Heaven.


P.S. I happened to be in New York last winter when Hatch had a pop up shop and got to try on everything. But even shopping online, their customer service is great. Not sure about a fit or sizing? Give them a call. They’re super helpful!

P.P.S. If it isn’t obvious from my fledgling blogger status, this is not a sponsored post. I really just love them this much.

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